Sunday, March 6th 2016

Its with a heavy heart that we have to post this, but March of Champions IV that took place on Saturday, March 5th 2016 was our last show at the Patriots Park Gymnasium - a place we called home since August 2012.

We have had truly a tremendous tenure at Patriots Park, but its time for us to move on to bigger and better things.  As of March 2016, Flatline Pro Wrestling is looking to secure a full time venue in the CSRA that will allow us to keep our production and ring set up at all time - as well as providing us with added opportunities that were very important to Flatline and our fans.

If Flatline is to continue at a new venue - we have several exciting ideas that will be put in to place.

Flatline Pro Wrestling - Twice a month?  Perhaps a once a monthly Friday night show.

Flatline Pro Wrestling Training School.  We have had many people ask how to get in to Flatline or the business as a whole.  We have some very talented local stars on-hand to train up-and-comers

Flatline Concessions once again at our live events

And from a production and logistics point of view, having our own venue will allow us to set up a home office for all Flatline operations, which includes a home base for our shows - no longer will we be required to set up and tear down our entire live show all in the same day - something that has grown by leaps and bounds since our first show.

In the near future, Flatline Pro Wrestling will begin our search for a full time venue in the CSRA that will meet the needs of our fans and our product.

Please follow us on social media - Links provided on this page - to be updated on where we stand as our search begins and if a location is found - to be alerted for future show dates, times, and locations.

If you want to assist, and know of a location, dont hesitate to drop us a line, we will be more than happy to speak with you.

Thank you

Flatline Pro Wrestling

"Thank you all"
The Flatline Pro Wrestling creative team after our last show at the Patriots Park Gymnasium

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